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About the X-Commissioners

Ann Mickle and Alan Bass are former Workers’ Compensation Commissioners. They were appointed by past governors and have presided over “THOUSANDS” of Workers’ Comp cases across South Carolina. They chose to take their EXPERIENCE and put it to work for injured workers. The Laws of Workers’ Compensation can be complex, and the Workers’ Compensation system can be very difficult to navigate. Let the X-Commissioners put their experience to work for you, why would you call anyone else?

Representation provided by attorneys from Charleston and Columbia, SC.

X-Commissioners… Over 60 YEARS of combined legal experience.

30+ Yrs Experience

Ann Mickle

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30+ Yrs Experience

Alan Bass

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​“If you’re injured on the job, make sure you hire an experienced attorney to help you through the complicated process. Ann, Alan, and the Attorneys at X-Commissioners have 60+ years of legal experience in workers’ compensation. Why would you hire anyone else?”

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Do I need a lawyer?

As former Workers’ Compensation Commissioners, our attorneys at X-Commissioners will be able to tell you if you have a workers’ compensation case, and they will advocate on your behalf to ensure you not only receive your full benefits, but also, proper medical care. Having presided over thousands of workers’ compensations cases themselves, who better to help you with your case? READ MORE

Who decides my case?

A workers’ compensation case is not decided by a judge. Instead, a Workers’ Compensation Commissioner presides over and makes the final ruling on your case. 

Ann and Alan are former South Carolina workers’ compensation commissioners.

Ann Mickle and Alan Bass are former South Carolina Workers’ Compensation Commissioners. Appointed by past governors, they served multiple counties of South Carolina for six or more years each. During this time, they presided over thousands of hearings and a variety of workers’ compensation cases; evaluating and ruling on the cases. READ MORE

Do I pay for an Attorney upfront?

No, at X-Commissioner’s, you pay when we successfully handle your case and you have been awarded a check. There is no need to worry about payment until your case has been successfully brought to conclusion and you have received your benefits. At X-Commissioner’s, we value putting our over 60 years of legal experience towards fighting for the injured worker. READ MORE

Why should I hire a former Workers Compensation Commissioner?

As former Workers’ Compensation Commissioners, Ann Mickle and Alan Bass have personally presided over thousands of workers’ compensation cases. This means they have decided cases for thousands of injured workers, and they know how to best present you and your case to ensure you receive full benefits. READ MORE

Why would I hire anyone else?

Great question, why would you hire anyone else? Ann Mickle and Alan Bass are former South Carolina Workers’ Compensation Commissioners who presided over thousands of workers’ compensation cases. READ MORE


Have you suffered an INJURY AT WORK?

The Laws of Workers’ Compensation are intended to protect those injured on the job. The X-Commissioners can get you the help you need.

The X-Commissioners represent workers who have suffered SERIOUS injuries. These serious injuries include…


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